În zilele de 2 și 3 sept. salonul nostru va fi închis. Ne vedem pe 4 sept.!
On the 2nd and 3rd of September we will be closed. See you on the 4th!

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Offer valid until January 5, 2023

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Elisara SPA Centre

-Massage and therapies-

We wish you a healthy New Year,

full of joy!🎇🎆🌌

🤗👼 Get our gifts! 🎁❣️

Offer valid until January 5, 2023

🍀 Any ritual at 325 lei (15% discount)

🍀 Any ritual for couples at600 lei (20% discount)

🍀 Any 1h voucher at the current price of 160lei – price that from 21 December 2022 becomes 185 lei

We are waiting for you with the joy of giving! 🧑‍🎄👼

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If you want to visit us as a couple or as a group, each person should make a stand alone reservation.

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Massage in Bucharest

Our permanent offer:

🍀 Buy a 3-session package for only 500 lei!
🍀 For a 5-session package, you get the 6th massage for free!
🍀 For a 10-session package, you get the next 2 massages for free!

Special Event

Angels and Archangels Week

The Elisara Massage and Therapy SPA celebrates Angels and Archangels between 31 Oct – 6 Nov.

During this period we offer one FREE 30min. therapies as follows:

🍀 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: Yosono Therapy and Facial Massage;

🍀 Friday, Saturday, Sunday: Yoga Therapy.

We look forward to welcoming you with joy and raw-vegan chocolate 🤗👼❤️

Angels and Archangels Week Bucharest.


Therapy sessions are possible only by prior appointment! 

Thank you for your understanding.
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Relaxation and delight

You deserve a break from the ongoing effort of everyday life. Come for a massage session and enjoy some delicious, regenerating pampering… You’ll get back on track with fresh forces and an unbeatable smile!

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Cutting edge therapies

We offer new, efficient and delicious alternatives for relaxation and regeneration. Come and discover new therapies for charging your batteries to the max!

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Therapy paradise for body and soul

Exhaustion and stress are taking over everyone. You’re welcome to our peaceful oasis of regeneration, massage and holistic therapies! Well-being and relaxation for the body, peace and happiness for the soul.

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Here you can trust

Our therapists are specialized experts in their field. From classical massage, to the newest therapies, our employees are experienced certified specialists. That’s why you can relax in their hands with complete trust.

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About us in one minute!

Enough to get a first (good) impression about the energy of the place and about our therapists.

An image is worth a thousand words.

Oana SavinOana Savin
15:58 13 Mar 23
Am avut parte de ceva deosebit, aici la masajul facial de relaxare, as adauga senzatia de tonifiere, mangaiere fina a tenului si detensionarea musculara, invaluita intr- o atmosfera intima, placuta in mirosuri deosebite de uleiuri esentiale, terapeutice, alaturi de sfaturile utile in ceea ce priveste masajul. Recomand cu mare incredere😊
Delia Elena CojocaruDelia Elena Cojocaru
16:32 21 Feb 23
O experienta minunata. Doamna a explicat fiecare pas pe care îl parcurgea. Atmosfera relaxanta și servicii de calitate. Cu siguranță voi reveni.
Diana YoungDiana Young
20:05 29 Dec 22
WOW....o locatie atat de intima, speciala, linistita, ,,chiar in buricul targului" si un masaj profesional, de mare valoare si incantare!Iar terapiile cu uleiuri esentiale.....fantastice!Recomand cu toata caldura!!!
19:31 30 Nov 22
Divin! Un spațiu primitor si o atmosfera calda te întâmpină de cum ajungi. Esti încurajat sa indici ceea ce ti se potrivește si ceea ce ti se potrivește mai puțin in timpul masajului, iar experiența este minunată. Mulțumesc! ♥️ Recomand!
vasile codreanuvasile codreanu
18:53 03 Nov 22
Buna seara!Astazi, 3 noiembrie pentru prima oara am experimentat tehnica Yosono din cadrul centrului de relaxare Elisara din centrul Bucurestiului, foarte aproape de Parcul Cismigiu. O experienta inedita, interesanta si binefacatoare. Realmente am simtit ca am fost deconectat de la gindurile parazite, energiile negative, intr-un cuvint de stressul cotidian.Recomand cu caldura Centru de relaxare Elisara din Bucuresti!
Eduard SerbanoiuEduard Serbanoiu
19:01 05 Oct 22
O experiență foarte foarte bună, extrem de relaxantă. Doamna de la masaj este foarte prietenoasă și știe extrem de bine să își facă meseria. Nota 10. Recomand cu încredere.
Diana FranciscaDiana Francisca
15:36 08 Aug 22
Masajul cu uleiuri esențiale este incredibil. E foarte relaxant, plăcut și ma ajuta sa scap de durerile de spate. Masajul m-a ajutat și sa îmi înțeleg mai mult corpul și emoțiile. A fost o experienta minunata!
Izabel IliescuIzabel Iliescu
13:34 20 Jan 22
Un centru de masaj divin. Chiar se percepe o energie deosebita. Eu am experimentat masajul cu uleiuri biblice si l am simtit pe Dumnezeu atat de aproape, un ritual deosebit. Recomand cu caldura! ❤️

Welcome to Elisara – the place of self-discovery!

Probably the most complex form of human physical contact, massage is an art as ancient as the history of civilization itself, aimed at soothing and refreshing our body and soul.

With regular sessions, massage helps us maintain our well-being, which is becoming more and more foreign to us lately.

Massage brings awareness upon the body and the messages it is sending us. This is a path to self-knowledge, as we grow more and more aware of what we need, what our propensities are, and how we can grow and develop.

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Types Of Massage
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asanas yoga

Our Offer of the Mounth

Elisara SPA Massage and Therapy Centre celebrates the Angels and Archangels during:
31 October – 6 November.

During this period we offer one FREE 30min. therapy as follows:

🍀 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: Yosono Therapy and Facial Massage;

🍀 Friday, Saturday, Sunday: Yoga Therapy.

We look forward to seeing you with joy and raw-vegan chocolate 🤗👼❤️

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Multiple beneficial effects

Massage can help us open up, respect and love ourselves, and embrace what life has to offer.

Opening up gives us the power to accept the world we live in and joyfully discover the gifts it holds for us.

We invite you to directly experience all this in our specially designed frame for such transforming effects.

Here, at Elisara, we combine various massage techniques and alternative therapies that synergistically work together.

The result is complex: soothing of muscle and joint pain, relaxation and toning of the muscles, good lymphatic circulation, regaining inner balance and the joy of life.

Massages and Therapies

The effects are: liberation from some prejudices, harmonization of inner needs and desires, deepening of the process of self-discovery. We use strong ideas, which, through the use of certain essential oils, will beneficially reprogram our subconscious.

Elisara Imperial Massage

The Elisara Package is the most complex massage we provide. It is personalized for every customer, every session being completely unique, according to the needs and mood of the moment…

Spa Ritual: Sacralization with Biblical Oils

The effect is a transposition into a very elevated realm, through the very high vibrational frequency of the sacred oils applied. We feel deeply purified and sacralized, we become beings of higher consciousness and with very refined perceptions from higher spheres.

Relaxation massage

Relaxation massage is good for everyone. Using 100% natural oil, performed on a professional massage table, in a delightful ambiance, with music and aromatherapy, relaxation massage is relieving and regenerating.

Face Massage

Paradoxically, even though the face is the body part most looked at, as we’re even identifying with our image, it is also one of the body parts we most neglect. Just as any other area of our body…

Deep Tissue Massage

Compared to the Relaxation Massage, Deep Tissue is performed with stronger pressure, the therapist using even their elbows and forearms to massage the muscle tissue in depth. This massage is useful for…

The funny name, along with this special form of massage, reached us all the way from Hawaii, bringing along the profound well-being of that exotic paradise. It is a fluid massage that makes you feel like you’re being caressed by the waves…

Hot Stone Massage

This is a deeply relaxing massage, that includes the use of volcanic stones, heated up to 45-65˚C. They efficiently and pleasantly relax the muscles, making them more flexible…

Yosono Therapy

As you relax and unwind, you will be immersed in the heavenly world of harmonic sounds. The healing vibrations of the crystal bowls will “massage” every cell in your body, giving you a new joy of living, well-being, calm and happiness.


Reflexology is based on the holographic structure of the human being – a concept discovered and studied in the Oriental traditions. As we know, there are certain areas of the body that are virtually designed as energetic holograms of the entire body…

Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic Drainage is essential for detox and boosting immunity. Due to the modern lifestyle, lymph circulation is very much affected and even blocked. Stagnant lymph becomes acidic, which leads…

Hatha Yoga Therapy

Our therapists have over 20 years of experience in the practice of authentic, traditional Yoga postures. This therapy includes Hatha Yoga methods (based on assuming and maintaining certain body postures…

Floral Bach Therapy

This form of therapy was developed by the British doctor Edward Bach. The unfolding of the session is somewhat similar to a session of psychotherapy. In the first part, the customer may share with the therapists what their current emotional struggles are…

Tachyon Therapy

Tachyons are particles whose energy, due to its vibrational proximity to the one of the void, has the property of harmonizing, of bringing back to the original state, of regeneration. Thus, tachyon therapy gives fast results…

Bamboo stick massage

Due to their firm and smooth texture, bamboo sticks contribute to the anticellulite and deep tissue effects of the massage. Throughout the sessions, the muscle tissue becomes relaxed and toned. It is also energizing…

Holistic spa and therapy center Elisara is dedicated to your health, relaxation and regeneration.

We are a complex team of experienced and certified therapists in fields both traditional and cutting edge.

This is our mission together: to open the gates of Paradise on Earth for you. A paradise of relaxation, regeneration, peace and happiness.  A place where you feel pampered and that makes you feel that the world can be a better and brighter place.  A good oasis, where the body finds its supple harmony, the mind relaxes into peace and quiet, and the soul enjoys profound well-being and contentment.

All this might seem far from the stress of metropolitan life, but you’ll find us right here, in the center of Bucharest (close to Cișmigiu Park). Because you deserve relaxation and delight, with no extra effort to reach it!

Take a break from the ongoing effort of everyday life! Come for a massage session and enjoy some regenerating pampering.

You’ll be back on track with fresh forces and an unbeatable smile!

With us you can enjoy a varied range of 100% natural, non-invasive therapies, designed for balancing urban lifestyle – different types of massage, pure essential oil therapies, tachyon therapy and many more.

Come and find out how to keep your balance, health and happiness without giving up the dynamic modern lifestyle!

Our team​

Maria Moldoveanu

Maria Moldoveanu









Our team​

Maria Moldoveanu

Maria Moldoveanu









What our customers say

An amazing massage center where you can relax with a massage or a therapy treatment. I wholeheartedly recommend!
Madalina M.
For me, it’s the perfect place to go for disconnecting from the daily routine and enjoying some magical pampering moments.
Andreea Toma
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