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Limphatic Drainage

90 minutes: 270 Lei (55 €)

120 minutes: 370 Lei (75 €)

Limphatic Drainage Massage

90 minutes: 270 Lei (55 €)

120 minutes: 370 Lei (75 €)

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Limphatic Drainage Massage

The Limphatic Drainage Massage is a special type of therapeutic massage.

For example, the limphatic drainage is an essential procedure for detoxification and boosting immunity.

Why limphatic drainage massage is necessary

Due to modern, predominantly sedentary and consumerist lifestyles, lymph circulation is greatly impaired and often even blocked. Therefore, lymph that is no longer circulating becomes acidic, which leads to cell degeneration and the development of numerous diseases.

Inflammations, swollen legs, water retention, inertia, overweight, cellulite, heavy skin are all signs that our lymph needs help to circulate better.

Especially this gentle, lymph-directing pressomassage has miraculous effects.

The feeling that comes over the whole body is one of unblocking, of freshness, and the regenerating and harmonizing effects on the body are quick and obvious.

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Some more details on limphatic drainage

Jade ball massage, foam roller rolling and dry brushing. These are some of the hottest wellness practices of the moment and all have limphatic drainage in common. Therefore, they are based on the idea of improving movement within the lymphatic system.

Generally, limphatic drainage therapy is a scientifically recognized procedure that is effective for some medical problems. Moreover, a particular place is occupied by lymphoedema related to breast cancer.

Holistic medicine experts say the therapy can do much more, even for healthy people. Obviously it helps general relaxation, improves the appearance of the skin before important events, relieves pain after exertion or training.  At the same time, it also provides lasting decongestion after a cold or flu.

What is a limphatic drainage?

drenaj limfatic

First, a little anatomy lesson. The lymphatic system is a complex and delicate network made up of the bone marrow, lymph nodes, spleen, thymus and tonsils. Its main role is to produce and transport lymph. This is a fluid containing white blood cells, which boosts immunity, throughout the body. So it also plays a role in transporting proteins, minerals and enzymes.

Holistic practitioners say the lymphatic system is also a key player when it comes to removing toxins from the body. Henceforth they often say that “You can think of the lymphatic system as your city’s garbage man. On a typical day, they will collect and dispose of your garbage using special trucks.” “But on a day when there’s a parade going on in the city, the average number of trucks won’t be enough and that’s when extra intervention will be needed.” So this is where limphatic drainage therapy can help.

The traditional perspective

From a traditional scientific perspective, the lymphatic system plays a role in detoxification, but this is done in conjunction with more important organs such as the liver. Surely in healthy people, who have an active life in a clean and natural environment, this process does not need to be ‘helped’ in any way. Therefore, most of the talk about eliminating non-specific toxins and “sluggish lymph” occurs in urban environments, where people are sedentary, the air is polluted, and food is industrialized.

Dr Andrew Weil, a renowned integrative physician, says that as long as the lymphatic tissues or lymph nodes have not been damaged or surgically removed, there is no need to worry about flow or drainage. “Lymph fluid circulates as a result of muscle contraction,” he writes, “including muscles used during normal physical activity.”

How a limphatic drainage works

So if you want to try the massage technique called limphatic drainage, it’s good to know that it’s completely safe (and who doesn’t want a massage?).

Basically, during a session, the therapist will massage your skin with rhythmic strokes directed at the nearest lymph nodes. This technique can be furthermore useful before or after surgery. Equally, it’s effective after an intense workout or even on a regular day for a “spring clean,” experts say.

Forthwith, these are some of the lymphatic drainage techniques you can do on a daily basis:

Daily dry brushing stimulates the superficial lymph flow of the skin, helping the entire system. Work the brush in a circular motion towards the major lymph nodes in the neck, armpits, knees and groin.

Evidently, the Yoga practices, such as Asana and Pranayama, stimulate movement and drainage of lymph and energies in general.

Massage with jade stones can help release fluids from the facial area, diminishing dark circles and wrinkles.
Running on a foam roller stimulates lymphatic movement and can be particularly useful before and after a workout.

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To illustrate, please read more about the limphatic massage here and here (Women’s magazine).


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