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About Us

What’s my takeaway from an Elisara therapy session?

Besides the various services you can enjoy in our center, we’ll also provide you with various methods and keys that you can practice yourself, at home – from yogic and tantric methods, to ayurvedic applications.

We believe that one’s harmony and happiness should not depend on anyone else.

We want to make sure that you only come back to us willingly and dearly, and not pressured by stress and tensions that you can’t escape. So besides pampering delights, we also offer solutions for your well-being and harmony to be stable and long-lasting.


The holistic spa and therapy center dedicated to your health, relaxation and regeneration.

We are a complex team of experienced and certified therapists in fields both traditional and cutting edge. This is our mission together: to open the gates of Paradise on Earth for you. A paradise of relaxation, regeneration, peace and happiness. A place where you feel pampered and that makes you feel that the world can be a better and brighter place. A good oasis, where the body finds its supple harmony, the mind relaxes into peace and quiet, and the soul enjoys profound well-being and contentment.

All this might seem far from the stress of metropolitan life, but you’ll find us right here, in the center of Bucharest (close to Cișmigiu Park). Because you deserve relaxation and delight, with no extra effort to reach it!

With us you can enjoy a varied range of 100% natural, non-invasive therapies, designed for balancing urban lifestyle – different types of massage, pure essential oil therapies, tachyon therapy and many more. Come and find out how to keep your balance, health and happiness without giving up the dynamic modern lifestyle!

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Welcome to Elisara massage and therapy center!

Take a break from the ongoing effort of everyday life! Come for a massage session and enjoy some regenerating pampering.

You’ll be back on track with fresh forces and an unbeatable smile!

Our Team

Our team is made up of experienced, dedicated therapists whose lifestyle is complementary to professional training – a continuous deepening and refinement of applied techniques and practices, with a clear orientation towards a better self and an implicit improvement in the quality of physical and mental life.

Ileana Balan - massage

I am Ileana Balan.

I am a massage therapist and practice various massage techniques and therapies.

I practice Yoga and study Ayurveda, which helps me to have a good inner balance, to

keep my health almost permanently unaltered and provide those in need with relief and pain relief.

Dana Bostan - massage

My name is Dana Bostan

I graduated as a massage therapist technician in 2004, then I did several complementary massage courses (energy meridian acupressure massage, Yumeiho massage – chiropractic, Raindrop massage).

I have studied Ayurveda for 7 years, I practice yoga and I am always looking for self improvement.

I do massage with much love, aware that all my knowledge gained over time can help the people I interact with.

Maria Moldoveanu

Maria Moldoveanu - Bach Terapy


My name is Maria Moldoveanu. I am a graduate of the Faculty of General Medicine at the University “Transilvania” in Brasov. I have been a specialist in family medicine since 2008.

Over the years, I have brought among my patients and friends the passion I have for herbs, flower remedies, volatile oils, balanced nutrition.

Gradually I have moved from a medicine focused on treating the effects of an ailment to balancing the patient’s psycho-emotion through accessible methods, knowing the importance of emotions in managing an affliction.

I studied homeopathy, graduating from the Ministry of Health accredited course for doctors (2009-2011).

I am currently attending the Apitherapy-Phytotherapy-Aromatherapy course at the National School of Public Health, Health Management and Training (2021-2023).

In parallel with those studies I have taken courses in alternative therapies, including:

– Access Bars with Dr Carleta Tiba, 2016, Cluj-Napoca;

– Shiatsu Therapy, 2014, Galati;

– Bioresonance course accredited by Babes Bolyai University, 2008, Cluj-Napoca;

– Gemmotherapy, at the National Conference on Gemmotherapy, Bucharest;

– REIKI techniques, 2010-2011, Iasi;

– Bach Flower Therapy, 2013-2014 – modules 1,2, 3 Bucharest, trainer Claudia Cabat and BFRP, accredited by the Bach Centre UK

– Use of Young Living volatile oils: Raindrop technique and emotional balancing using Feelings oils, 2014, Cluj;

– Personal development, supported by psychologist Niculina Gheorghiță: Finding inner power, 2017, Bucharest;

– First steps in the world of hormones – Dr. Oana Corfariu, 2021, Bucharest.

Given the times in which we live, characterized not so much by changes in the physical plane as by the need for inner transformation through introspection, understanding, acceptance, empathy and perseverance, I welcome you to the ELISARA Center for Natural Therapies so that, together, we can balance emotions and fully manifest your inner potential, now only latent.

“As long as soul and personality are in harmony, everything is joy and peace, happiness and health”

Dr. Edward Bach


Liviu Alexandriu - Tachyonic Therapy


My name is Liviu Alexandriu and I have been practicing reflexology for over 20 years.

I have organized in Romania the courses of Professor David Wagner: “Tachyon holistic wellness” and “Vertical reality” modules 1 and 2. Professor David Wagner is an American researcher and inventor of devices that use tachyonic energy in therapeutic practices.

I attended module 3 “Vertical reality” in Slovakia.

We achieved remarkable results in using tachyon energy to relieve various traumas, physical and emotional pain.

I have been a yoga practitioner for over 33 years and a yoga instructor for over 25 years.

I am concerned with the spiritualization of the human being, its development and holistic harmonization on multiple levels.

I am knowledgeable in ancient Ayurvedic medicine, combining the technology of tahini therapy with Ayurvedic procedures.

Viorel Stănescu - Bowen Therapy


My name is Viorel Stănescu

I was fascinated by Bowen Therapy when a friend, a Bowen therapist, revealed to me in 2010 the simple principles behind it. Namely, that the therapist’s intervention, necessary but secondary, is one of awakening and boosting the body’s mechanisms, which are deeply inscribed in its own DNA, to start restoring imbalances, regenerating, repairing and, finally, healing through its own intelligence that is planted by the Good Lord.

My name is Viorel Stănescu, I am over half a century old, I live in Bucharest, but also in the countryside towards the mountainous hills. Although an engineer by profession, I have always been attracted by the humanistic and spiritual side of life, seeking to decipher its mysteries and what lies beyond it. So, this therapy has fitted me like a glove.

In 2011 I got my Bowen Therapist diploma, and later on, I also did my Master’s degree. My early enthusiasm grew with the surprising and fulfilling results that manifested over my 12+ year practice with the many patients who came to me.

I list just a few of the health problems relieved or cured: joint pain, spinal problems, muscle or ligament pain from various causes, digestive and internal organ problems, respiratory problems, cardio, stroke, chronic diseases such as diabetes and asthma, cancer. Skin diseases. Reproductive and excretory system disorders. Chronic fatigue, nervous breakdowns, high stress. Hormonal problems as well as cramps, torticollis and cramps.

Also a great help in recovery after operations, fractures or torn ligaments. Muscle relaxation in athletes is again an effect I have noticed. Remarkably, this technique has not yet been fully elucidated as a mode of operation. It cannot be explained either on the basis of conventional medicine or on the basis of other traditional therapies such as acupuncture or ayurveda.

An example often given is that working on one area, for example the knees, has solved problems in other areas, such as the shoulders. This shows us that every body is a whole that cannot be separated and treated in pieces but needs to be approached as a whole on all levels, physical, mental and spiritual. If you know that you need help in the context of the above and feel available for new, novel and perhaps even challenging approaches, please do not hesitate to call me! And thank you for your attention to this brief personal presentation!

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