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Relaxation massage

60 minutes: 220 Lei (45 €)

90 minutes: 270 Lei (55 €)

120 minutes: 370 Lei (75 €)

Relaxation massage

60 minutes: 220 Lei (45 €)

90 minutes: 270 Lei (55 €)

120 minutes: 370 Lei (75 €)

Masaj de relaxare

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Relaxation massage

Relaxation Massage Therapy is a gentle massage, with the massage maneuvers being performed with medium pressure.

It is designed to relax all the muscle groups of the limbs, back, abdomen, torso, neck and head. The therapist insists where there is greater tension or disharmony, or simply follows the client’s instructions to generate a deeper state of well-being.

Made with 100% natural oil on a professional massage table. The ambience is very pleasant, with appropriate music and aromatherapy, the relaxation massage has relaxing and regenerating effects. 

A few useful notions about what a relaxation massage means

Massage therapy is an ancient process. But it has become increasingly popular over recent years as a natural way of treating various ailments.

One of the most popular forms of massage therapy is relaxation massage, sometimes known as Swedish massage. Relaxation massage is a type of massage that focuses on providing deep relaxation and stress relief.

We will discuss the benefits of a relaxation massage and how it can help human beings manage stress and improve their overall well-being.

masaj de relaxare

The main benefits of a relaxing massage

Emotional balance

First and foremost, a massage involves touch. At first glance, some modern people think that touch is old-fashioned. However, it is of fundamental importance in maintaining our emotional balance. The skin is the largest organ of our body, and the sense of touch associated with it is directly linked to our emotional world. Human beings can develop emotional and health problems if they do not have harmonious touch. Animals, too. Touch is a universal emotional language. At the same time, touching in a harmonious way can also be a very effective emotional remedy. A relaxing massage involves such harmonious touching.

Stress relief through relaxation massage

One of the basic benefits of such a massage is stress relief. Stress can cause mental tension and muscle strain, leading to physical and mental fatigue. A relaxation massage can help reduce tension in the muscles, induce relaxation and improve overall well-being.

Improving sleep

A specialized relaxation massage can also help improve sleep quality. Stress and anxiety can lead to poor sleep quality, which can affect daily performance. Such a massage procedure can help induce relaxation and improve sleep quality, leading to better overall health.

masaj de relaxarePain relief

Relaxation massage can also provide pain relief for people suffering from muscle pain or pain in general. The therapist uses various techniques to apply pressure to the affected area, which can help reduce inflammation, unblock circulation and relieve pain.

Improving circulation through relaxation massage

Such a massage can also help improve circulation. The therapist uses various techniques to apply pressure to the muscles and pathways of the circulatory system. The most important are the arteries and veins. The secondary ones are the capillaries. Massage can facilitate blood circulation and improve blood flow throughout the body by applying appropriate pressure. Improved circulation can help reduce muscle tension, increase flexibility and mobility and improve overall health and well-being.

Boosts the immune system

Relaxation massage can also help boost the immune system. Research has shown, for example, that massage therapy can help increase the production of white blood cells (leukocytes). They therefore play a vital role in fighting infection and disease.

Relaxation and mood enhancement

Relaxation massage can help to induce a deep state of relaxation and improve mood. The therapist uses various techniques to achieve relaxation, which helps to reduce anxiety and improve general well-being. Relaxation can also improve mood, leading to a more positive outlook on life.

masaj de relaxareTechniques used in a relaxation massage

Massage of this type involves the use of various techniques to achieve relaxation and reduce tension in the muscles. Some of the most common techniques used include:
Flexing – This involves long, sweeping movements that help promote relaxation and improve circulation.
Petrisation (kneading) – This technique involves kneading and compressing muscles to help reduce tension and improve flexibility.
Tapping (light tapping) – This involves kicking, cutting and punching movements that help stimulate muscles and promote relaxation.
Flexing – This technique involves applying pressure to muscles using circular or linear movements. These help to reduce muscle tension and promote circulation.

Vibration – This involves using gentle shaking or vibrating movements to promote relaxation and reduce tension in the muscles.

Finally, in conclusion, a relaxation massage is a natural way of great effectiveness. This age-old process is effective in inducing a deep, relaxing state of well-being and reducing stress. The benefits of a relaxation massage extend beyond the physical. They include improving emotional quality, sleep, pain relief, improved circulation and boosting the immune system.

By using different techniques, a massage therapist can help to bring about a state of relaxation and improve general well-being. If you are looking for a natural way to manage stress and improve your overall health, a visit to the EliSara SPA may be a great option for you. 

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