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Masaj București

masaj București

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Types Of Pampering

Massage Bucharest down town

Massage Bucharest: The Ultimate Relaxation Experience in Romania’s Capital City

If you live here or just visiting Bucharest and you are looking for an effective way to relax and release the accumulated tension, massage may be the answer. Offering a wide range of techniques and styles, massage Bucharest services are highly sought after. Designed to revitalize your mind, body and spirit, they are deeply beneficial.

Sp, on this page we will present some useful information about what SPA EliSara offers within the general interest for the term massage Bucharest. One can find the benefits of each type of massage on the dedicated pages. This way you will be able to choose to enjoy your favorite type of massage. So, please visit our prices page, where you can access the page of each type of massage we offer.

In the same way we also offer assistance in choosing the right type of massage for your specific needs, including an appointment. Contact us

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Benefits of the Massage

Massage Bucharest: what benefits can you get? Massage is an ancient practice with proven effects on overall health and well-being. Whether you want to relax tensed muscles or relieve everyday stress, massage can bring numerous benefits to your health. These include:

  1. Reducing Tension and Stress. Massage reduces the body’s level of cortisol, the hormone associated with stress, leading to a feeling of deep calm and relaxation.

  2. Muscle Pain Relief. Through gentle manipulation of the muscles, massage helps relieve pain caused by tension or physical overstrain.

  3. Improving Blood Circulation. Massage stimulates blood circulation, which can help speed tissue healing and improve overall health.

  4. Stimulating the Immune System. By releasing toxins from the body, massage can support the immune system in the fight against infection and disease.

  5. Improving Flexibility: Massage can help relax stiff muscles and increase joint flexibility.


The Most Popular Types of Massage at SPA EliSara

masaj București

Here are some of the most popular types of massage you can experience at SPA EliSara:

  1. Imperial EliSara Massage. The Elisara package is the most complex massage we offer. Its minimum duration is 90 minutes. At the end of such a session you feel totally soothed, but also completely renewed, ready for a new beginning.
  2. Spa Ritual of Sacralization with Biblical Oils. This ritual is especially created for people seeking authenticity and the amplification of refined perceptions. The oils are charged with beneficial keywords (we use here the words of Jesus) and applied to various areas of the body by massaging them.
  3. Alchemy Spa Ritual: Feelings. Rituals are consciously performed actions, through which we attune ourselves to beneficial archetypal aspects, thus reintegrating ourselves into the harmony of the Godly Creation. They produce alchemization of our being by resonating with the archetypal energies to which we relate. Pure essential oils are some of nature’s most powerful therapeutic substances.
  4. Tahionic Therapy. All you have to do is lie down on the massage table and relax, aiming to be as receptive and attentive as possible to the effects that occur. The therapist will use various tahionic devices and utensils that convey these particles in various ways and intensities, placing them around you and moving them over your body, harmonising the energy in the affected areas. No touching is involved.
  5. Raindrop Therapy. It is performed with the use of high purity, Young Living essential oils combined with certain massage maneuvers that activate reflexogenic points. 


Most Popular Types of Massage Bucharest in general

Therefore, in Bucharest at SPA EliSara, there are a variety of massage types to choose from. Each of these has specific characteristics and targets different aspects of health. Here are some of the most popular types of massage you can experience with us:

  1. Classic Swedish massage. This type of massage involves the use of gliding, kneading and pressure movements on the superficial muscles. It is an excellent option for general relaxation and relief of mild muscle pain.

  2. Relaxation massage. Whether you choose Swedish massage, aromatherapy or reflexology, relaxation massage aims to relieve stress and bring a state of peace and calm.

  3. Hot stone massage. This type of massage combines Swedish massage techniques with the use of heated stones. The warmth of the stones helps to deeply relax the muscles and reduce tension.

  4. Bowen Therapy. Bowen therapy at SPA EliSara consists of applying gentle finger movements to muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, in various areas of the body, either directly on the skin or over a thin garment. These movements transmit messages through the nervous system, reactivating the cellular memory of a state of well-being, health, balance and harmony. The „Inner Doctor” is activated. 


The Best Massage Bucharest Experience is at SPA EliSara

So, it is desirable to enjoy a high-quality massage experience. However, if you searched for „massage Bucharest”, it is important to choose a professional and well-trained massage parlour or therapist;

We recommend our central salon, SPA EliSara!

Consider the following when looking for the best massage Bucharest:

  1. Reviews and Recommendations: Look for reviews and recommendations from previous customers. Their opinions can give you valuable insight into the services offered by a particular salon or therapist.

  2. Certifications and Qualifications: Make sure the therapist you choose has relevant certifications and qualifications in massage.

  3. Space Atmosphere: Choose a salon that offers a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere. A comfortable environment can contribute significantly to the massage experience.

  4. Additional Services: Check to see if the salon offers any additional services, such as aromatherapy or hot stone therapy, to personalize your experience. 

masaj București Invitation

For those looking for Massage Bucharest, EliSara is a great way to relieve stress and revitalize your body and mind. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing Swedish massage or an authentic Thai experience, you’ll find a variety of options at EliSara in the Romanian capital.

Choose our high-quality salon with confidence and leave yourself in the hands of professional therapists for a journey of pure relaxation and pampering. 

Oana SavinOana Savin
15:58 13 Mar 23
Am avut parte de ceva deosebit, aici la masajul facial de relaxare, as adauga senzatia de tonifiere, mangaiere fina a tenului si detensionarea musculara, invaluita intr- o atmosfera intima, placuta in mirosuri deosebite de uleiuri esentiale, terapeutice, alaturi de sfaturile utile in ceea ce priveste masajul. Recomand cu mare incredere😊
Delia Elena CojocaruDelia Elena Cojocaru
16:32 21 Feb 23
O experienta minunata. Doamna a explicat fiecare pas pe care îl parcurgea. Atmosfera relaxanta și servicii de calitate. Cu siguranță voi reveni.
Diana YoungDiana Young
20:05 29 Dec 22
WOW....o locatie atat de intima, speciala, linistita, ,,chiar in buricul targului" si un masaj profesional, de mare valoare si incantare!Iar terapiile cu uleiuri esentiale.....fantastice!Recomand cu toata caldura!!!
19:31 30 Nov 22
Divin! Un spațiu primitor si o atmosfera calda te întâmpină de cum ajungi. Esti încurajat sa indici ceea ce ti se potrivește si ceea ce ti se potrivește mai puțin in timpul masajului, iar experiența este minunată. Mulțumesc! ♥️ Recomand!
vasile codreanuvasile codreanu
18:53 03 Nov 22
Buna seara!Astazi, 3 noiembrie pentru prima oara am experimentat tehnica Yosono din cadrul centrului de relaxare Elisara din centrul Bucurestiului, foarte aproape de Parcul Cismigiu. O experienta inedita, interesanta si binefacatoare. Realmente am simtit ca am fost deconectat de la gindurile parazite, energiile negative, intr-un cuvint de stressul cotidian.Recomand cu caldura Centru de relaxare Elisara din Bucuresti!
Eduard SerbanoiuEduard Serbanoiu
19:01 05 Oct 22
O experiență foarte foarte bună, extrem de relaxantă. Doamna de la masaj este foarte prietenoasă și știe extrem de bine să își facă meseria. Nota 10. Recomand cu încredere.
Diana FranciscaDiana Francisca
15:36 08 Aug 22
Masajul cu uleiuri esențiale este incredibil. E foarte relaxant, plăcut și ma ajuta sa scap de durerile de spate. Masajul m-a ajutat și sa îmi înțeleg mai mult corpul și emoțiile. A fost o experienta minunata!
Izabel IliescuIzabel Iliescu
13:34 20 Jan 22
Un centru de masaj divin. Chiar se percepe o energie deosebita. Eu am experimentat masajul cu uleiuri biblice si l am simtit pe Dumnezeu atat de aproape, un ritual deosebit. Recomand cu caldura! ❤️


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